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Members of the BATA Engineers' Dept - c1960s
Members of the BATA Engineers’ Dept – c1960s

We would like to name as many of the engineers as possible.  If you can help us, please use the comments section below.  So far, we have identified:

Standing (from left to right): Freddie Frost, Rudy Mazur, Denis Reardon, Wally Paine, Peter Boosey, Stan King, John Grovenor , Derek Cowell, Nobby Robinson, Vic Tolson, Peter Busby, Jackie Barrett, Tom Cole, Jock Finlay, Roy Wilding,

Seated (l-r): (far right – 11th) Eric Kania, Angus Campbell, Jim Gowers, Freddie Weight, Mick Gowers, Victor Sutcliffe, Terry Fullbrook, Peter Farman, Robin Champion, not known, Frank Bailey,

Seated in front (l-r): Stan Attridge & Mr Hlavenko.

Many thanks to Peter Boosey & Mick Pionion who supplied many of the names.

It would be good to discover when this photo was taken and if it was for a special occasion.  If you have any further information about any of the characters, please let us know.



Photo of Bata Engineers – c1960s

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7 thoughts on “Photo of Bata Engineers – c1960s

    1. Hi Jim,

      Thank you for your interest, comment and suggestions. in the last day or so, we have set up a Facebook page (Bata Heritage Centre) and Twitter account (@BataHC15). We are still learning how to do these things but hope to post the photo of the engineers on the site soon.

      Did you work for Bata in the UK and, if so, when? Also, do you have any memories you would like to share?

  1. Your pic: All names left to right
    Two seated on chairs – Stan Attridge & Mr Hlavenko
    Seated on Stage – Eric Kania, Angus Campbell, don’t know, don’t know, Walter Gower, Vic Sutcliffe, Terry Fullbrook, Peter Farman, ? Champion, don’t know, Frank Bailey
    Back – Freddie Frost, Rudy Mazur, Denis Reardon? Wally Paine? Peter Boosey, Stan King, don’t know, Derek Cowell, Nobby Robinson, Vic Tolson, Peter Busby, Alec ?, don’t know, don’t know, Roy Wilding.

    Will be attending Open Day next week

    1. Hallo Peter. Many thanks for your comment and so many names. Your memory does you proud!

      Can you remember the reason for the photo?

      Look forward to seeing you at the Open Day on 13 April.

  2. standing left to right first unknown John Grovenor . It is not Alec its Jackie Barrett. Next to Roy Wilding is Jock Finlay. Seated first unknown Jim Gowers then Freddie Weight then Mick Gowers not Walter Gower. Its Robin Champion.

    1. Was engineer apprentice for 5 years until leaving sometime early 1962.
      Have good memories of the site and remember the old fire engine there called I believe a Skoda.
      Recall some of the faces in the photo and look forward to visiting in October.
      Kevin Cardy

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