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A former Bata college boy, Brian Nolan, got in touch with us recently and sent us the above picture of some of his fellow students and friends from Christmas 50 years ago! They certainly seem to be in a festive mood and I suspect the evening had only just started …..  Brian writes:

This photo was taken just before Christmas 1968 in the lobby of the Bata Hotel. Pictured are graduates of the Bata Technical College and friends attending the annual Bata Christmas Staff Dinner. All of the guys were working in the East Tilbury factory at this time but within a few years several were working in Bata factories in Kenya, Nigeria and  Jamaica. Sadly many are no longer with us. The rest wondering where the years have gone. 

From memory some of those in the photo:
Simon and Mary Peel,   Bruce and Christine English, Mark and Dot Tinker, Dave Earnshaw, Andy Bax, John Millway, Colin Armstrong, Jane Thompson, Mike Mortimer, Dave Martin, Keith Sewell, Brian Nolan, Brian Brown.
We’d be really happy to hear from any of those (male or female) in the photograph or if you have any news about their whereabouts, please contact us at
Additionally, we’d be pleased to hear from any former Bata Technical College boys, not just those in this photograph.  We’d love to build a picture of how your Bata training shaped (or otherwise) your future career.  Also, it would be great to arrange a re-union so that we can all catch up and reminisce about the old days!
Bata Technical College Graduates and Friends – Christmas 1968

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One thought on “Bata Technical College Graduates and Friends – Christmas 1968

  1. Well, we’ve had a number of names provided. Thanks especially to Chris Martin (née Mason) and Mark and Dot Tinker (née Mason) and Rod Simpson, who have placed them as follows:

    “From the left, standing, we think it’s Simon Peel with Jane Thompson (she worked in the design department and wasn’t at East Tilbury for long). Don’t know the next 3 women but next standing is Dave Earnshaw, then Andrew Moreton, then possibly Colin Milward (or is it John Millway?), then Mark Tinker, Helen McAllister, then we don’t know the next cluster till the last 2 are Andy Bax and Bruce English.

    Sitting down it goes don’t know, then Brian Nolan, then Dot Mason, then don’t know, then Keith Sewell.”

    Also thanks to Rita Clarke (née Perry) and Trevor Martin.

    We posted the same photo on the Bata Heritage Centre Facebook page and received the following names and comments about the group, some of whom we’re not sure where they are in the picture:

    “Brian Brown and Mike Mortimer”;
    “Teresa Russell aside John Milway”;
    “The chap at the back to the left of the C in Christmas I think is John Milway, and Colin Armstrong is the one whose head is visible below the S in Christmas”.

    Please let us have any further thoughts or identifications. Thanks for all your efforts.

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